Ever wondered about the movement of people around the world?

We created an interactive tool with which you can browse through 30 years of migration history between world regions and countries

The Global Flow of People 2.0

With this interactive tool, you can find out which places people around the world leave and which places they move to. You can either look at global migration in general, at global refugees in particular, or at the movement of people within Germany.

The interactive visualisation is part of an international project that I managed and coordinated. Nikola Sander, Tamilwai Kolowa (both BiB), Tina Frank, Clemens Schrammel (both University of Arts Linz) and Ramon Bauer (Statistics Vienna) were involved.

You can find out more about the data and the visualisation on the main site of our project. There, you will also find more download material such as the underlying data and R scripts to create static versions of the interactive circular migration plot.