Cultural distance and adaptation

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Culture can be considered a relatively stable trait of adult individuals because important parts of personality already form during adolescence. Most individuals emigrate in their adulthood, which means their cultural traits are less malleable once they start living abroad. Cultural differences to non-immigrants therefore become relatively constant distances immigrants have to deal with. Thus, it is important to better understand what role cultural distances play in adapting to a new environment, with increasing time spent abroad, and how immigrants can cope with related challenges. In this project, you will find personal work on these topics.

  • 2023 | Is it all about the costs? Cultural distance and adjustment of recent migrants | with Jean Philippe Décieux and Elke Murdock | Preprint

  • Work in progress | Expatriate adjustment and the role of cultural distance | with Jean Philippe Décieux and Heiko Rüger

  • Work in progress | Between cultural proximity and distance: Understanding the role of cultural distance for perceived ostracism | with Selma Rudert, Jean Philippe Décieux, Elianne Albath and Christiane Büttner
Andreas Genoni
Andreas Genoni
PostDoc in migration and integration research